Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Fine Range of Custom Made Calendars

Sands of Time is calendar maker company that offers a wide range of ​printed ​calendars at affordable prices. It provides a wide variety of calendars ​with high quaity of printing and graphics​. It is specializes in on demand making of calendars. It offers customized calendars, printable calendars, corporate calendar​,​
 photo calendars and much more.

It is an Australia-based company which makes ​custom or personalised ​calendars on ​the ​demand​ of customers​. It has a wide variety of calendars ranging from different sizes, heights, and widths. It provides calendars in categories like wall calendars, mouse pad calendars, desk calendars, wall calendars and much more. 

In addition to this, they deliver their each calendar  in a cardboard made presentable box. They offer a fine range of custom madecalendars at affordable prices.

They offer an excellent collection of branded Australian calendars through which one can promote his or her  corporate image throughout the year 2017. The​ range of high quality calendars are easily available at the online store of Sands of Time. They are the best calendar maker company in Australia. The range of calendars at Sands of Time is a rare combination of mainstream and unconventional.
They mainly deal in,
* Premium Wall Calendars
* Desk Calendars
* Promotional Calendars
* Calendar Printing
* Corporate Promotional Products
* Photo Calendars
* Custom Calendars

Say it as a mouse pad calendar, desk calendar, wall calendar or anything else, the Sands of Time has everything in its store. It is easy to get the custom made calendars at Sands of Time, one just has to order online  or can  send an email with all the necessary details about the custom made calendar. The details may include the category of calendar one wants, its quantity, design or size along with the background picture, company's logo, quote, photo in .Jpg file or any other extension.

The custom made calendar range at Sands of Time is best for business promotions and advertisements, as they offer sufficient space, for company's name , logo etc along with the calendar thus it can be given as a gift or distributed as a promotional product as well.  

Sands of Time is renowned for its on-time delivery of products with  hundred percent quality assurance. 
The business hours at Sands of Time  are between 8am to 5pm, from every Monday to Friday and one can call them at (03) 9717 2780 for any type of business inquiries.

It now is easy to shop and choose from a wide range of calendars at Sand of Time, for more details about the calendar range, just visit their official website at www.sandsoftime.com.au

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