Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Calendars are one of the essential tools to promote your business resources. It is one of the best marketing tools for your small and large scale business. There are various types of calendars; poster calendar, the desk calendar, the business card calendar and many more.

The professional printing of custom calendar comprises of 13 pages which divulge that an individual has 13 opportunities so as to customize the calendar. You can select a photograph especially for the front envelope and can also include a catchy cover up a title. Pick digital photographs for each different monthly page along with the write-up captions for each page as digital photographs provide outstanding quality when it is printed.  You can use your own photographs, your family members or your friends, or something else that makes it look fancy and pleasing to the eye.

Details of Custom-made Calendars

What's more, you can get from personalized calendars? You are absolutely free to create quite a lot of different designs and patterns and send it to your friends or family members so that they are free to get them printed too. One of the most attention-grabbing features of custom calendars is that it hardly pinches your pocket and apart from that your effort is definitely appreciated by your loved ones to whom you gift it.

Choosing the Perfect Layout for Custom Calendars

You have the option of choosing the A4 or A3 size of photo calendars as per your need and requirement. The fact is that A4 size custom calendars look very imposing but if you have high-resolution pictures then you must definitely go for A3 size. The landscape pictures look the best for the reason that portrait pictures are actually printed with a border around which might not look good. But still the choice of photograph standard, as well as orientation, is completely yours. Besides that, you also have the alternative of choosing the sequence in which the photographs appear basically by naming every picture depending on the month it ought to be used. They as expected permit you to add texts because you might want to add a title on the cover page as well as on a monthly photo slogan. These calendars are the perfect personalized gift that can be presented to your loved ones. Nowadays, this gift is becoming extremely popular among the young age groups as they are very tech-savvy.

Sands of time offer the wide variety of corporate calendars and corporate gifts. It will help you in promoting your brand and give an enhancement to business. We provide the benefit of buying calendars online and delivering it to your doorstep.

It shows the vast assortment of Australian Award winning Calendars. Corporate calendars are very vital and functional promotional tool. It is a product that will enhance your brand and business in front of clients.

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